The Goddess Marilyn

 I LOVE Marilyn Monroe! I think she’s an iconic woman, her style is quite unique and it has been copied by many, including me…

Last year I wrote a small article in Transliving Magazine about Marilyn and for that occasion I did a photoshoot wearing a look inspired by her. 

Obviously the platinum blonde hair was a must and I added the cat eye sunglasses (very much on trend in the 1940’s and 50’s) to get a bit of a mysterious woman/ femme fatale look. 

Big lips is definitely a must when trying to look like her. 

And I combined a SHEIN dark purple pencil dress with an animal print faux fur jacket from DAISY DAY and patent nude stilettos from NEXT. These shoes are the first pair I bought and wore them so many times.

I took some pictures wearing a hot pink pants suit but that didn’t look very vintage at all…

So this was my first attempt to Vintage. I can see there’s plenty of room for improvement but I was quite happy with the result. 

Also it was my first article for Transliving and I felt very proud of it despite being a very short one.



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